Our story

EuroTower was founded in 2009 by a team of Senior Telecommunications Executives who had been following the evolution of the TowerCo model in the US. Because Europe is a mature market with approximately 50% more towers than are needed for effective 3G coverage, it presents very different operating needs and challenges than the US and most other markets. However, through the creation of new operating models, cost effective capital approaches and a number of long term strategic partnerships we now have a structure to support the growth of wireless communications in the 21st century across the continent.

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Photo of Sammy J Thomas
Sammy J Thomas

Sammy has over thirty years of telecommunications, software, and high tech experience in diversified areas of strategic and financial planning, worldwide business development, financial management, operations, P&L management, forecasting, and business evaluation. During this time he held Executive positions at Telecordia and NYNEX (now Verizon)

Photo of Justin Speake
Justin Speake

Justin has over 25 years experience managing people, finances and change within Sales, Service and Operations. He has worked at general manager, and VP level for major organizations including Computer Associates, RR Donnelly, Debug Holdings plc and Centura Software Limited. He has spent the past 10 years fixing existing and building new businesses worldwide.

Photo of Angelos Noulas
Angelos Noulas

With over 25 years in business development within the mobile telecom sector. Led the financial and strategic planning at Vodafone Greece where he participated in the valuation and acquisition process of private startup companies in the sector. At Cosmote Greece lead the consolidation of the groups’ business and strategic planning process.

Photo of Roger Sanford
Roger Sanford

Roger has launched more than 23 companies and over 50 products, building his own agency into the 7th most valuable “Privately Held Silicon Valley Companies”. He has extensive experience in marketing, defining competitive advantage and the marketplace, investor relations, customer service, sales, support and presentation.

Photo of Michael O'Leary-Collins
Michael O'Leary-Collins

Michael has over 25 years of transactional and investment experience in various emerging markets around the world and, in the last 10 years, has either arranged or been an investor in various transactions across the emerging markets of Europe. In Serbia, he estabalished Greenhouse Telecommunications Holdings b.v. that was later renamed to Orion Telekom and is now the largest fixed line operator after the state owned incumbent, Telekom Serbia.

Photo of Salvator Levis
Salvator Levis

Salvator has spent over 20 years investing in Telecoms in SE Europe and was a founder of 7L Capital who are one of the leading Private Equity investors and M & A Companies in the region. Prior to this he headed up the IT services business for the Finance sector at AT & T/NCR in Greece.

Photo of Nikos Nikolopoulos
Nikos Nikolopoulos

Nikos 25+ years experience in the telecoms sector with focus on legal and regulatory affairs, M&A, commercial transactions, project finance, restructuring, with global telecom companies such as AT&T, Loral Space, Tyco Submarine Systems and Avaya. Nikos has also had start up experience with two European VC backed telecoms such as Esprit Telecom and Grapes Communications. Nikos is responsible for Legal & Regulatory Affairs, as well Risk, Compliance and Governance.

Photo of John Mariano
John Mariano
Photo of Philip Rambech
Philip Rambech
Photo of Michael Ort
Michael Ort



With more than 5000 implemented sites across the region Telelink is truly optimized in the turnkey deployment of wireless networks. By blending the skills of our engineers with the experience of our project managers, Telelink can successfully collaborate with your organization and promptly deliver reliable and cost efficient wireless networks.


Nevapark offers integrated solutions for excellence in the management of telecommunications organizations, helping in the challenging task of managing complex processes and enriching organizational knowledge, in Southeastern Europe and the CIS countries.

Praxis Associates

Praxis is a US broadband development corporation which plans, designs, constructs, and operates fiber optic and wireless networks. Specializing in rural areas and by employing disruptive marketing strategies, it has created networks in some of the country’s most difficult terrain to stimulate regional economic growth.


Bloor is one of Europe’s leading IT research, analysis and consultancy organisations. For over 25 years Bloor has explained how to bring greater Agility to corporate IT systems through the effective governance, management and leverage of Information.

7L Capital Partners

7L Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm active in Southeastern Europe, investing in Communications, Technology and Applications and Branded Goods and Services.

Greenhouse Investments

Greenhouse Investment Group Limited is an emerging markets advisor and investor in selected high-yield strategies. Greenhouse arranges structured trade and commodity financing together with recapitalisation investment for restructed corporations throughout the emerging markets of Europe, which extends to bonds and other structured financing.