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We are focused on building the optimal European wireless communications platform. This starts at Design; as we enter a new area our network architects plan out the optimal network topology for cellular and wireless, radio and television broadcast, two-way radio communications and microwave. As new technologies are developed and new services surface we review our design to ensure it remains optimal at all times.


Once we understand the potential coverage model for a region we then evaluate all the existing locations owned by existing operators and define which of their assets would potentially help us build the optimal portfolio. We then offer the current owners the opportunity to turn their existing assets into cash and lease them back from us. We are focused on the passive infrastructure not the active network components, so we are effectively acquiring only the real estate.

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Once we have acquired all the available assets possible we look at the gaps in our network and plan and construct new tower sites. Where towers are not available or appropriate we have a number of in building and outdoor alternative solutions. We are planning a significant build out process over the coming years, as new technologies are implemented, driven by increased data usage, the density of sites will increase.


As we build out our Tower coverage our objective is to incent existing operators and new entrants to consolidate there active assets onto our towers. This provides significant operational and environmental benefits for everyone whilst improving the network coverage for users, minimising the environmental impact of the site construction and management and maximising the financial value to everyone.

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