Service Providers

We manage the real estate your network infrastructure resides on we do not have any involvement in your network operations. Our approach releases capital from your balance sheet, eliminates CAPEX for construction, lowers OPEX, dramatically reduces your time to market and ultimately allows you to focus on your core business.


If you own land or real estate then you have an opportunity to provide a platform for the growing wireless infrastructure required by service providers. Our objective is to secure you a long term revenue stream that maximises the value of your assets with the minimum effort and impact on you.


We offer some of the best value investment opportunities available anywhere. Our real estate portfolio is secured with long term top rated cash flow. In addition we share the upside as we execute our growth and co-location strategy. It is like a tax efficient high interest corporate bond with the upside of an equity.

Services from EuroTower

Service Providers


We are focused on building and maintaining an optimal real estate platform for everyone. This means you can be up and running in 7 days or less.

Lower OPEX

A mast is not strategic in a mature market. By collocating we can share the operating costs for everyone.


New towers cost €100,000+ and you need lots of them. We cover this capital investment and you just lease from us.

Raise Capital

You have substantial non strategic assets on your balance sheet so turn these into cash that can be far more effectively invested in your business.


We deal with the regulation, security, third party management, construction, etc all of which are not core to your business.

Future Proofing

We have to be constantly looking at the platform you will need long term and always be investing ahead of the curve.

Landowner Services

Free Money

If you own anything that we could locate equipment on then you have the opportunity for long term cashflow with minimal involvement from you.

Buy or Lease

We are flexible and want to find the right solution for you so whether you need cash or cashflow we can structure the right commercial relationship and adjust this as your circumstances change.


We are focused on long term fair commercial relationships. Our ultimate objective is to leave your land as we found it, with minimal impact while it is in use.

Property Owners

Ultimately wireless infrastructure is a very low maintenance tenant who pays the rent diligently for a long time. We will effectively manage and monetise this opportunity for you.


Wireless coverage is essential to your citizens lives and to commercial success. It also underpins many of the services you provide. We can independently help you plan, manage and monetise this.


Wireless coverage is becoming essential to your customers but also offers a richer immersive experience that you or others can build new revenue streams against. We can help you make this happen.

Investor Services


Your investment is backed by long term cashflow contracts with either governments or AAA related International Corporations.

Long Term

Historical Tower assets have committed profitable cashflows of 20 years plus duration. They just keep on giving.

Excellent Returns

As more towers acquire more tenants they become increasingly cash efficient providing top rate returns for everyone involved.

Tax Efficient

We have created a flexible corporate model that allows us to structure our relationship with you in the way the most effectively fits your profit optimisation.


The TowerCo investment model is mature and proven with the leading American players trading publicly at multi billion $ valuations.

A Bond?

This is effectively a real estate bond with secured cash flow. We buy the asset with a long term lease already attached to it.