Welcome to EuroTower

We are the first local European TowerCo and are focused on the unique needs and challenges of the European telecommunications market. Our objective is to create the optimal wireless communication infrastructure to support both commerce and lifestyle across the continent. Through effective strategy and execution we balance the financial needs of the services providers, landowners and investors, the regulatory requirements across the region and social and environmental impact of our Towers.

Service Providers

We manage the real estate your network infrastructure resides on we do not have any involvement in your network operations. Our approach releases capital from your balance sheet, eliminates CAPEX for construction, lowers OPEX, dramatically reduces your time to market and ultimately allows you to focus on your core business.


If you own land or real estate then you have an opportunity to provide a platform for the growing wireless infrastructure required by service providers. Our objective is to secure you a long term revenue stream that maximises the value of your assets with the minimum effort and impact on you.


We offer some of the best value investment opportunities available anywhere. Our real estate portfolio is secured with long term top rated cash flow. In addition we share the upside as we execute our growth and co-location strategy. It is like a tax efficient high interest corporate bond with the upside of an equity.